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Mika Salo knows: The job as a filling in for someone is super tricky

The former F1-driver and replacment for Michael Schumacher for six races in 1999, Mika Salo, knows from experience that going to replace someone in the middle of the season isn't easy for any driver.

He himself left Arrows-team after 1998 and got some jobs for both BAR Honda and Ferrari for the next season.
- It's not an easy thing to go to a big team when you have first been in small teams. It's really difficult.

Before Salo's first Ferrari-start in 1999 Salo got to test the F399-car for only one day.
- I had the test in Fiorano (Ferrari's own testing track) where there's only slow corners. It's a Mickey Mouse -track that never really contributed in preparing for the race, Salo says

Thanks to Nicole

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