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I read a lot... and I usually hate what i read. I can't seem to understand why people hate Kimi so much. But sometimes it's refreshing to see someone who think the same as you are. Here's a comment i loved :D.

I completely agree, I don't think the suggestions of the article are linked into Luca's words at all.
as far as today's F1 goes, there are 3 things that annoy the $$$$ out of me.
1) Claims that FIA = Ferrari International Assistance
2) Claims that Jenson Button is a legendary driver
3) Claims that Kimi isn't performing well due to lack of motivation.
The whole Kimi motivation thing is just a crap press speculation that has become the biggest victim of a snowball effect EVER.
You can't climb into an F1 car and not be motivated! It is as simple as that. It is like climbing Mt. Everest and deciding to turn around and go back down when you are just 10 meters from the top. The amount of motivation it takes to go through the extremely boring and extensive (in relation to driving an F1 car) physical fitness routine that allows you to withstand the forces and fatigue an F1 car imposes on you is already super high, so if you have it in you to withstand that, there is NO WAY that you will lack the motivation necessary to drive as fast as possible in an F1 car (this is the FUN part of the job).
Drivers who are in F1 have a speed ADDICTION. Have you ever heard of an addict presented with a given amount of his/her drug requesting a smaller amount of it? I think not.
Massa simply put, out performs Kimi on his own merit, he has become more skilled and faster even in a car that suits Kimi's driving style more than his.

As far as Fernando and Massa on the same team goes, I'm all for it, both drivers will push each other hard and it will be interesting to watch them push the envelopes of their own talent.

By I3odacious from bleacherreport. Good on ya sport! It shows you know what this sport is all about! Note that the comment is not pro-Raikkonen but it reflects reality as it is.

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