F1 Racing Interview II

by - 4/03/2009 10:48:00 p.m.


"What other people make, doesn´t interest me at all. "

Are you intendedly so extremly uncommunicative in the press conferences, to make your life easier?
No, but the people ask me always the same questions on a race weekend. I haven´t any interest to speak about things I don´t want. If they ask me things concerning racing, it´s okay, then I respond. But unfortunately in this sort of sport there isn´t much action, every race is nearly the same. You win, cross the finish line second, or dnf - The fact is, there´s not happening much extraordinary. The written stories are therefore basically always the same. There´s not much change in between of races.

So, the people make everything more complicated?
(grins) They ask me how the race felt like. I say them how it was. Unfortunately,you can´t make a big story out of a race, so ...It´s their job to make one, I think.

Are there people in the F1 paddock which you try to avoid meeting with?
I don´t have any reason to talk with a lot of people. That´s not helping me at all! What other people make doesn´t interest me. I have better things to do. I have to do my job, and when we´re on the road, we´re having enough work, so...

Do you feel under obligation towards the team? After all, 100 of people work around the car, which you drive...
You always try to get the best possible result. If I not attain my wishes, I´m not feeling good at all. We work as team and therefore we win and lose as a team. But if I not reach the desired result, I don´t have to answer to sb. I´m not leaping up into the air, if there´s nothing to get. The team is happy when I win and then I´m also happy. Simple thing.

easy- going

"Why should I waste my power with things, I can´t change at all?"

Most of the guys would be very pissed if somone drives through a red light and hit one. How could you manage to stay so calm after the crash with Hamilton last year in canada?
Does it change something when you´re angry? Sure, you can start a fight, but that´s not helping at all. Of course, do I prefer winnig races over an unindebted dnf. But that´s racing. I was angry but the anger goes sooner or later away.And it doesn´t make sense to waste your power with things, you cannot change. Unfortunately, this happened - as I said: Sometimes such a things happen in racing. I´ve also made similar mistakes, which weren´t good for somebody. Sometimes you make simply mistakes.

Do you know why could last year Felipe get out more of the car than you?
Last year we started well, but we made some wrong decisions. And we needed time to find the right way again. Today we know what we did wrong, but we cannot change that. Last year is history, now we're starting a new season.


"I didn't win, I would have no sacrifices"

Kate Winslet recently get her Academy Award, she said at the age of seven she had rehearsed that moment with a shampoo bottle. Have you ever dreamed about being a F1 World champion when you were a kid?
As a kid you're dreaming about a lot of things. Sometimes I probably wanted to be a racing driver, other days something else. But I can't exactly remember, that was simply too long time ago. My family had always fun in racing, so we got in touch with the racing as children. But my parents never forced us to anything. Actually, they'd rather we didn't choose racing, because it was very expensive. But it was good for the whole family, everybody had fun.

Have you ever thought: "I've done it, all my dreams have become true"?
You have aims, but can't achieve them always. If you get something, you'll find a new aim. It's nice to achieve what you want, but it doesn't change anything. I tried for many years to win the title and when I finally got it that was a nice feeling. But the next year will be something different again, brings a new aim. The success fades away a bit. Every season brings a new challenge, everything can happen - whether positive or negative. 2008 started nice, but unfortunately ended not so nice. It's not like I didn't want to win the WDC. If I didn't want to win the title or wasn't hungry for success, I wouldn't be here - it's that simple. I can stop when I want. The decision is only mine.

But you get too much money for just driving here...
But money isn't everything. I've never wanted to do something what I don't like because of the money. That wouldn't be the right way for me and for certain people. I have better things to do than worrying about what other people say.

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