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No more calm for the Iceman

''The formula champion Kimi Räikkönen's house in Switzerland may soon be on the market. A German magazine Motorsport-Aktuell tell of a gang of school boys who disturbe Kimi. Their never ending ringing of the door bell gets on the Räikkönens' nevers.

For Kimi and Jenni's misfortune their home in Switzerland lies just next to a school house. Now a group of kids from that school have found out who lives in the neighbourhood.

-Their door bell rings every day and autograph hunters keep on coming, the magazine writes.

According to Motorsport-Aktuell the Räikkönens are so nervouse because of this disturbance that they may soon sell their home in Wollerau.

Luckily they have an opportunity to let their nerves to have some rest, for they have just bought a new villa in Phuket, Thaimaa."

Source: mtv3
Translation: Lady Feanor

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