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We are more than capable

As talkative as ever, Kimi Raikkonen believes he and teammate Fernando Alonso are "more than capable" of fighting for the championship.
"It's nice to come back to Ferrari, the place where I won my championship," he says in a video marking the launch of the Ferrari F14 T. "Obviously the aim is the same, we want to do the best that we can, try to win races, try to win world championships. Time will tell when we will have them.
"Did I miss F1, not really, it was nice to have a break," he says, referring to the fact that he hasn't driven in anger since last year's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
"I had to have a small operation done," he continues, referring to his infamous back problem, "so, I didn't really have a choice and I wanted to be one-hundred percent as pain free as possible for the coming season, it was the only choice really, a good time to have this thing done.
"I hope we're going to be the strongest team this year, obviously, we will both try very hard. We both want to win and time will tell what will happen if we bring the championships back to Ferrari.

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