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Raikkonen And Alonso Say They're Both Out To Win

As Kimi Raikkonen lines up alongside Fernando Alonso at Ferrari, both drivers have made no secret of the fact that they are targeting the drivers’ championship.

Alonso has been at the head for the team for four years, finishing second in the championship behind Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel in three of them.

He had the luxury of priority over his team mate, Felipe Massa during that time, but the Spaniard’s longevity of service cuts no ice with Raikkonen, who was Ferrari’s last Championship-winning driver in 2007, and rejoined the team after leaving Lotus just ahead of the end of last season.

The pairing is the strongest driver line-up on the grid, and their rivalry may pose a challenge for Ferrari team boss Stefano Domencali.

Alonso has already proved he is no pushover, after relationships became strained during 2013.

However both drivers have claimed that they plan their rivalry to be an open and amicable competition.

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