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A step into the unknown

Four seasons after he departed the Scuderia under a cloud, to be replaced with a degree of irony by his new team-mate Fernando Alonso, the Finn has arrived back as F1 undergoes its biggest technical change in, arguably, a quarter of a century.

According to Raikkonen, little has changed at Maranello during the intervening period but it sounds as though home comforts are something the 2007 World Champion might welcome as he starts getting to grips with Ferrari's new F14 T - V6 turbo hybrid engine and all - in Spain next week.

The first pre-season test is where teams hope to familiarise themselves with their new cars but according to Raikkonen, "I think it's going to be a bit more of an unknown situation than in many other years. Now, there's changes on engines and gearboxes and all the electronics, so we have to see how it goes.

"Hopefully, we have no problems and can run the car and check the systems, do normal running that is necessary in the first test every year and get through the programme as smoothly as we can.

"But it's very difficult to say because there's so many new unknowns. Before we run the car next week, we really don't know what to expect."

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