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Kimi Spanish GP review

God damned second place - again!

Winning means everything to me. Obviously, I hate losing, but it¹s not that meaningless to finish a Grand Prix in a second place. Right now it means good points every time.

Well, finishing second three times in a row, doesn¹t feel that great, but if there is a different winner, you gain the most points with a series of second spots, as well.

This is a very tight championship. We have been able to start with pretty good results in the first five races, so it¹s not that bad situation to carry on to the summer season.

We had high hopes for Spanish Grand Prix. We did our very best, but all in all, I have to say, we didn¹t deserve more than finishing second.

Obviously, the Mercedes cars seem to be too fast for everybody else in qualifying. While they got the front row, the rest of the pack was competing for the second row places. We got P4. It was not that brilliant to start from the dirtier side of the track, but we survived and start climbing higher again like in the last few races.

I was leading the race in the midway, and for a short while, I thought we could challenge Fernando Alonso for the victory, but it was not to be this time.

We settled down taking the second place, so we got a podium again and that was enough to catch the championship leader Sebastian Vettel by some points. That was the main target for Barcelona, and that was achieved ­ in a deserved way.

After Spain I chilled out with the friends, watched the icehockey championships on TV and, most of all, focussed on the the huge challenges of Monaco.

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