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Kimi Chinese GP preview

Crossing the break It has been a different kind of break for me. I have spent some time with my motocross team, while they had their opening race for the European season in an ice cold Valkenswaard in the Netherlands.

The atmosphere was great, there were a lot of motocross fans and the races were great to watch. I personally had a racing driver to a racing driver chat with my motocross team competitors, They are professionals like me and it felt good to change opinions between F1 and motocross drivers.

I tried the bike myself, as well, and it was pretty refreshing way to have a break from Formula One.

Now it¹s time for the third race weekend of the Formula One season. China has been a good place for me from time to time, but every race gives a brand new challenge. It doesn¹t help how we did there 5-6 years ago, or in the last couple of races this season.

Obviously, we have a car to do our very best every weekend. What to expect from Shanghai, that I can say after the practise sessions, not before. That¹s how it goes every time.

Last year we went for it with a tyre risk. We knew it was a long way to go with the same set of tyres. Then it didn¹t work out, and we have to pay for it loosing many positions during the last few laps of the race.

Hopefully we get a good solid weekend this time. If the car goes as it has gone in the some earlier runs in this year, we should be ok for Shanghai, too. Let¹s wait and see, what the weekend brings along.

I¹m ready for it, the team has worked hard to get the car right and the weather should be ok.

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