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No reason Lotus can't win the title

The Lotus driver pipped the more fancied Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso to top spot in Melbourne after his two-stop strategy put him ahead of his rivals who were all doing three-stoppers.

The 33-year-old remarked afterwards that it ended up being "one of the easiest race wins" and he is confident that he can add more to his tally, with a World Championship not out of the question.

However, while the Finn believes that the victory won't prove to be a one hit wonder, he knows winning the title will be a much harder task, with financial resources playing a big role.

"It's not going to be easy for us. We have the people, all the tools to make it, but money is a big part of it," he explained.

"We don't have the same budget as Ferrari, Red Bull or Mercedes, but we saw last year we did well with money and the things we have.

"If we could get more money that would help, and it will give us a better chance and more fair play against the bigger teams. We have good plans, and if we can follow them up it might be good, it might not.

"If you do things right it will go nicely, but then one thing can change the whole year. If you do a few things a little bit wrong it can turn around and go downhill after that.

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