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No Kimi WRC comeback soon

Kimi Raikkonen’s absence from the WRC is likely to be for the long term after it emerged that he’s keen to carry on in Formula One beyond the end of the upcoming season.

Raikkonen spent two years in the WRC from 2010-2011 and while he struggled to replicate his F1 pace, he has yet to rule out a return to the sport in the future.

"I'm not really thinking beyond this season at the moment, but I'm sure there will be talk before the end of the year," Raikkonen was quoted saying on at the launch of the Lotus team’s new E21 chassis yesterday.

“I enjoyed my comeback to Formula One last year and there's no reason to say I shouldn't enjoy the 2013 season too. I know there will be big changes to the cars and regulations for 2014, so who's to say that won't be exciting.”

Did you know? Kimi asked his current team, Lotus, for permission to drive on Rally Finland last year. Unfortunately, Lotus didn’t play ball.


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