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'Raikkonen wants equity in Williams'

Kimi Raikkonen isn't just looking for a Williams race-seat for next season, according to reports he also wants a stake in the F1 team.

Raikkonen is believed to be on his way to Williams next season with some reports claiming the deal is done while others say it is still in the preliminary stages.

However, there appears to be a new twist to the tale.

According to British motorsport journalist Joe Saward, it "is not as simple as most team-driver negotiations as I hear that Raikkonen is looking to acquire some equity in the team."

Although shares in Williams were floated on the stock market earlier this year, Frank Williams and Patrick Head still remain in control with Sir Frank holding the biggest stake in the team.

However, Raikkonen wanting to part-own and not just drive could be a stumbling block in the negotiations as Sir Frank is believed to be loath to handing control, even a small part, to someone else.

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