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Brundle: Raikkonen could be a double-edged sword Williams

According to Martin Brundle Kimi Raikkonen's return is good and bad effects can be a cause of Williams. BBC F1 reporter, who had also competed in the racing circus, believes Kimi arrival of a new energy to recharge the grove of stable, but also highlights the weaknesses of the team.

Kimi Raikkonen, despite the speed of the Ferrari man was pulling 2007-2008 - In 1984 and 1996, Martin Brundle in 158 Grand Prix races attended, among others, of Tyrrell, Benetton, Ligier, McLaren and Jordan colors. The same could not win, but it could stand up to nine times on the podium, and in 1992, Michael Schumacher, the usual portion of your brain for your money when they were teammates in Benettonnál. véleményvezérré Brundle has become dominant in F1 circles, everyone is paying attention to what he says. It is therefore interesting that the Sunday Times that appears in section written in Kimi Raikkonen's possible return to the implications of Williams. "One of the people who are likely to take over Rubens Barrichello place of Williams, Kimi Raikkonen, who in the past two years, the F1-outside competed, but now return to the ralizásból. ' "power to recharge the arrival of Kimi Raikkonen, Williams, not as a personality, rather than on the track of the performance. Will be determined and hungry for success, and now that it is difficult to test during the season, missing a treadmill power vacuum that led to withdrawal from the early part of Finland. The name and the famous speed will appeal to sponsors, but not really he will determine the team's development direction - as is the Ferrari also found "- wrote Brundle. "The story is dark side to Kimi Raikkonen in the presence of more limelight in Williams weaknesses . The team is currently ninth in the constructors' championship, just five points, just 23 cars and 24 from start to begin today in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The big question: will have the necessary agykapacitással [professionals - ed.] And the (financial) resources to give all in reverse? " Press News that Raikkonen and Williams marriage announcement of the Abu Dhabi race before Friday should have been törtnnie, but this did not happen. When you team up with Qatar National Bank from the financial rescue package expected, the return of Raikkonen in the coming weeks or longer before the Brazilian Grand Prix to report.


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