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Kimi Räikkönen says in Red Bulletin -magazine's interview that he hopes Sebastian Vettel wins the WDC in F1. When rallies and GP's are at the same time for 10 weekends, we will probably not see Räikkönen on the F1-paddock but Monaco GP is free for rally drivers and that's when he would have an opportunity to be there.

Vettel said to La Gazzetta dello Sport that he misses Kimi in F1-races.

– I'm sure Kimi had his own reasons for going to rally. I'm sure that he made the best choice when thinking from his own point of view. I really like the guy and it's a shame that he isn't in the GP's this year. Kimi is still one of the best drivers and it would have been great to race against him.

– On the other hand at the same time all us F1-drivers' interest towards rally grows more than ever. Now we can see for ourselves if it's possible that a F1-driver can also be successful in the top of rally.

– I still hope that this wasn't Kimi's final choice, Vettel sighs.

It still is an option that Vettel and Räikkönen would drive as team mates in Red Bull in 2011.

via Turun Sanomat

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