What about the tattoos?

by - 11/11/2009 09:55:00 p.m.

Kimi Räikkönen's new tattoo on his right wrist was soon put to huge proportions by the F1-media.

They believed that Ferrari's team principal Jean Todt was strictly against the tattoo his driver took.

Yet Todt was immediately on Räikkönen's side. Kimi didn't need any permission for the tattoo.

- I read about it. We had dinner on Thursday and since it wasn't mentioned I didn't even notice the whole thing. What is the most important for me is that the people here in this team are happy. If Kimi would be happy with a tattoo on his face and would ask for my opinion I would advice him to put it in some place that is less visible because otherwise he might get some problems of it later.

- There is so much talk - with a smile and without a smile - but what is important is that everyone is concentrated on doing his job. With or without a tattoo. I don't care.

- If a sponsor would complain about the tattoo I would rather change the sponsor just to keep Kimi happy, Todt assured.

- He has been planning on taking it for a couple of years already. I think it's great, Jenni said.

Räikkönen's tattoo is completely designed by himself. It's not taken from any book. 

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