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Is it all up to money?

Salary also means something

Benny Casadei Lucchi from Italian Il Giornale -magazine sees that Räikkönen's decision might depend on matters of money.

– It's obvious that Kimi has enough driving skills and motivation to return to F1. But when the whole F1-world's finance is shaking, cuts are made everywhere and drivers' salaries are going down, Kimi would also have to accept much smaller incomes.

– It's impossible to know if he wants to come back no matter what it takes, the Italian reporter thinks.

British reporter Joe Saward is as usual thinking completely in his own way.

– Kimi has been nine years in F1 but the whole man is still a complete mystery for me. It was a surprise that he went to WRC but that's just why Kimi can surprise again and do what is least expected from him - meaning return to the grid with Red Bull in 2011, Saward says. 

source: KR forum

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