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The gang probably asks what we do next year. I think we can at some point tell what we have decided. I can say that much that the motivation hasn't gone anywhere. Racing interests me as much as it did when I was a kid. Racing is everything!

But now I'm going to keep a short vacation. The season was hard and we knew it already before we started to race when we were so much behind the lead. Fortunately we at least won in Spa. That is the highlight of this season and the only thing that I stays in my mind.

F1 is going through a tough change. The regulations will change again. Let's hope that in the future they will be the same for everyone and in a way so that they can't be understood as you want to.

I'm preparing for the next season like before. First I take in some oxygen and then I'll keep the touch alive. Let's wait and see where we drive. Thank you all fans and mates who have supported me. The fight goes on!

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