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Raikkonen predicts Suzuka struggle

Kimi Raikkonen is not expecting his Ferrari team to do much better in next weekend's Japanese Grand Prix after a difficult race in Singapore on Sunday.

The Finn qualified in 13th position on Saturday and finished the race in 10th, having struggled for grip for most of the weekend with th F60 car.

Raikkonen admitted the result was the best he could have hoped for given Ferrari's problems, and the former world champion is not expecting things to change much in the Suzuka race.

"I couldn't do any better," said the Finn. "The car was sliding everywhere and I had no grip. In the final part, with the softer tyres, the situation improved a bit, but by then it was too late.

"I closed up to Nakajima and, a few times, I tried to risk a passing move, but here it's really difficult to overtake unless the guy in front makes a mistake.

"I don't expect the situation to be much different next week in Suzuka: it is a very demanding track for the car, from an aerodynamic point of view and we are lacking in this area. Having said that, I will be trying my hardest."


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