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Raikkonen looking for perfection

Maranello - I’m glad we’re going to Singapore. It’s a fantastic city, I like the food and I don’t mind that we race in the evening. Furthermore it’s another city circuit and the slower the circuits are this year the better we were, just look at Valencia and Monaco: there’s no reason, why it shouldn’t be the same in Singapore.
I still have a score to settle with this race. Last year, at the end of the race, I drove into a wall, when I was fighting for the fourth position against Glock. I really don’t like that memory. The first night race was great for all of us. Besides some parts of the run-off area the whole track is perfectly illuminated. There’s no difference to daylight. As on all tracks like this overtaking is almost impossible. The KERS will be an advantage, but it won’t make the difference like it did in Spa or in Monza.
If it’s true that the F60 is more competitive on slow tracks, than it’s also true that the other teams will show up with improvements; that’s why it will be more difficult for us. We have to try to use the package we have the best way possible and we need to find the best set up. If we attain perfection than we can fight for a place on the podium. This is our goal. We gained a place on the podium five times in a row and as of the race at the Nürburgring I gained the same number of points as the leaders in the standings. Let’s hope we can proceed like this until the end of the season. It would be great keeping the third place in the Constructors’ Championship, but it will be very difficult, too. Over the last four Grands Prix we had only one car in the points, but now we also need the second car’s contribution. I’m sure that thanks to his experience Giancarlo can make it.
I think that out of the four remaining races the one in Singapore suits Ferrari the best. If we want to win we need to be more than perfect and need a little bit of luck. But after the win in Spa it would be fantastic to have this feeling once again.


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