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Heikki Kulta about Kimi and Heikki

"Fact is that Kimi has a contract for the next season and Heikki hasn't. The boys are not standing on the same line but on the other hand Ferrari made a 5-year deal with Santander who has very close links to Alonso so I believe that they are doing as much work as possible behind the scenes so that Santander will get the
driver they want into Ferrari.

I believe that Alonso has a signed contract with Ferrari for 2011 but I don't know if he has a signed contract for 2010. It might happen which would leave them
with one extra driver but knowing Ferrari's appreciation for Kimi I don't think it's Kimi who leaves Ferrari.

Massa could be on a sickleave for some time but then there's still the upcoming FIA
hearing with Renault and who knows which people get stained. If Alonso won the race through a dirty game then the driver gets quite a lot of stain too. In those proportions even one stain is never good for a driver. That could also change things in these final games. "

Q: How well do you know Kimi and Heikki?
I know them very well, their families too and we have always had good relations which on the paddock is vital. If the relations are bad and everybody would be running away from you then you could as well follow it on television and make your articles based on that but since we have good relations it's a pleasure to
be there and share both joys and sorrows.

It's always difficult to share the sorrows because motorsport is so cruel. 'It's
motorsport' as the boys say when things are bad. Heikki is very open and gets along with everyone, Heikki is what you see. Everybody likes him and it's really easy to get along with him. He is a joking and a fun guy.

Kimi is in principle a restrained version of Heikki but when you get to know him better, not from the official events, you have lots of fun with him, he has an extremely good sense of humour and he is a clever guy. During these 9 years a certain role has developed around him and he plays the role precisely: He is cool,
answers unemotionally saying 'I don't know, let's see, I'll do my best, let's see how far it takes' - these typical answers.

But then occasionally when everything falls in place, like in Monza, it was surprising to see how the feeling comes out even on the podium, you saw that the man was as happy as a man can be, that's Kimi's real nature.

His inner being is his strenght since no matter what result he gets he doesn't change like a rollercoaster. Kimi can control himself. Of course a bad result hurts but Kimi is the only sportsman I know who can get really fast over disappointment. It takes about 15-30 minutes, after that the thoughts are completely in what is ahead.

Kimi has a good philosophy 'Why worry about it when it doesn't change the result' - that's a philosophy that would suit any sportsman.

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