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He is the man to seal the deal - only hopefully not with Ferrari!

Kimi's manager Steve Robertson admits that Kimi's future in Ferrari next season is not a completely sure thing.

Robertson's says that they are already listening to offers coming outside Ferrari. The main goal is still to continue in Ferrari next season..

- Kimi has a contract with Ferrari for next year. Like everybody knows, contracts can be broken. We are negotiating with Ferrari but also listening to other offers. We do not know about Kimi's future in Ferrari 100 % at this moment. Let's see what happens, Robertson said to MTV3.

Robertson assures that Räikkönen has a demand even outside Ferrari. Yet it's still not the time for serious negotiations.

- Of course many team principals are interested in getting Kimi to their team but at the moment we are focusing on Ferrari because Kimi has a contract. When we know 100 % sure that Kimi won't drive for Ferrari next season, then we will start our official negotiations with other teams, Robertson told.
- Kimi has a contract for next season but let's see what happens, Robertson said.

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