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Spa is once again the race I will remember from this season. It just is a place that always seems to be good to me. In Germany again everything always bombs.

When you go to Spa's track you know that you can do well there although you wouldn't get to the front row.

The track is a place where you can have good duels and if you have a good day you can overtake without taking that many risks.

Now the weekend fell totally in place. In quali there was a moment when I felt that it will get tough to get forward from Q2. The lap was good but when the car isn't the fastest and the times are so close you don't get to the top. We got along and when we got the 6th position I felt on Saturday evening that we have great chances to fight for the victory again.

It always needs a good start and after that a good first lap. Barrichello stopped right in front of me and it didn't ease the situation at all. Luckily the start went well otherwise. I had to take a long turn from the outside of the track but I didnt' still lose any positions.

It wasn't the fastest route though. Otherwise I would have taken the turn every lap.

I was well behind Kubica. In Eau Rouge I got side by side with him and KERS helped me overtake him. When I stayed on the track I also stayed ahead of the others holding the 2nd position.

After the safety car situation we knew that I had to immediately overtake Fisichella if I was going to win. It got slippery when I was a little too close to him. The overtake succeeded although it was tough. Luckily we didn't hit and when I was in the 1st position we knew that the biggest job was done.

We had the same strategy and that's why we didn't have to worry although Fisichella's car was faster. There was only one place where he could have tried and we played with KERS so that he never got close enough.

The victory felt really sweet when it has been such a long time since the last one. It's great that we got trophies and everybody was satisfied. Our pace is the same and even though someone might think something else, the hair stays on my head.

So far Spa offered the best feelings this year. Hopefully we get something more from the rest of the season. Our goal is to keep the 3rd place in WCC. Fisichella will now be in the second car.

We need points in the WCC-serie from both cars so hopefully Fisichella can bring them to the team.

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