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First of all, it's great to hear good news from the hospital in Budapest. Felipe is getting better quickly and let's wish him zemi for his recovery period. Felipe is in good hands. Let's hope that he gets back to drive soon.

It was a mean accident, something that could have happened to anyone and it was a very difficult weekend for the whole team. At first we didn't even know what caused it. It still has to be accepted that in this business you have a high speed and that's why you also have high risks. It's part of this sport and when you go to the lane yourself you just have to forget about it.

In the final games the 2nd position was a good result and the team got something a bit more positive to think about. We went forward again. For me it was the 5th trophy from Hungary. Sometimes some tracks just are great and some aren't - like those German places are for me.

In the race the car felt good. The balance was ok and I could go flat out with both rubbers. The warm weather suits our car. Our ride took us to the podium as we expected too but it wasn't enough so that we could challenge for the victory.

After Hungary the break starts but the season is still long and it has it's share of challenges when we try to keep the 3rd position in the manufacturer's serie which we reached on Sunday. We will try and take more trophies in the autumn too but it's tricky when everybody develops their cars.

The goal is to win one race. You never know beforehand what kind of circumstances there will be in each race.

Now I have totally different things than F1 on my mind. I'm about to make a long dream come true. I will drive WRC-rally and with a really good feeling with a big support in my homeland.

It's cool to get to enjoy Finland's legendary rally paths. I will enjoy and take everything possible out of it. I have no other goal than to finish the rally on Sunday. This is a totally different thing than F1 when the road keeps on changing all the time and when you drive against time.

After the rally my real vacation begins. I'm going to enjoy Finland's summer with family and friends. Barbeque and sport. After that it is back to business again!

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