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Six revolts left. The pace in the last races has been good but there's still empty spaces left in my trophy shelf at home. I could easily squeeze in a couple more.

We found a good marching pace in Hungary and Valencia and thanks to that we are still in the games.

I have to say that last weekend turned out perfectly. I felt immediately in the practice during the longer stints that we have a good racing car. All we needed was a decent qualification and a strong start so that we could fight instead of just bumping along in the pack.

During the middle stint the team told me lap by lap Heikki's times so that we could challenge them and pass them in stops. We went 110 % and in the final games it wasn't dificult to keep the 3rd position.

The car is the same we have had all summer. It won't be developed anymore when investments are put in next year's car development. It will get more difficult race by race. But I will give my best every time with whatever the lunch in the basket is.

Of course we want to win and only win but you can't be disappointed in the podiums from the latest races. We achieved possible maximum result with the car.

Now we go to Spa. It's always a cool place and it's always great to go back there. It's a legendary racing track that always has been raced on and hopefully also will be raced on for a long time.

It ain't gonna be easy for us because the fast corners don't suit our car the way slower corners in Hungary and Valencia do. But with a 10 point performance we have possibilities to fight for the podium. It's gonna be a tough twist when Red Bull, McLaren and Brawn will be going real fast there.

Let's hope that our good phase continues. The goal is to fight for the 3rd position in the WCC but it's not really realistic if only one car scores points.

Last year I fought for the victory in Spa. Back then I had nothing to lose. It was either victory or destruction and when I went into the wall it became destruction.

Let's try again. The quali is important but luckily KERS helps in Spa too.

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