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Have Ferrari lost faith in Raikkonen?

“Massa would be prepared to go down with the ship, with a prancing horse-shaped anchor attached to his torso, Raikkonen would take the sole lifeboat.”
Ferrari’s response to Felipe Massa’s accident is an indication that the Scuderia has begun to lose faith in Kimi Raikkonen, writes’s Ewan Marshall.

Michael Schumacher’s comeback, or rather the lack of it, has focused much attention on Ferrari in the last few weeks, and asked many questions about the future of the Scuderia, and most notably of Kimi Raikkonen.
Let it be known that Felipe Massa’s accident, despite adding perspective to Ferrari’s current situation, was not the catalyst behind the speculation about Raikkonen’s future. There has long been critisism of the Finn’s work ethic in relation to the lucrative salary he receives from the coffers at Maranello – rumoured to be in the region of $51 million per year.

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