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Funny Kimi Raikkonen quotes (I)

Kimi Raikkonen is one of those guys that keep the F1 media and fans alike busy. His behaviour and his remarks are often highlighted. Fans think of him as funny, critics thinks he lacks the ability to give proper quotes. Judge for yourself! Here are the funny Raikkonen quotes!


"You always learn from mistakes, but I’m not very interested in trying to understand what happened last season. We can't change what happened in the past and it won't help us."

Montoya’s success in NASCAR? - It doesn’t even interest me.

Will these tyres benefit your driving style? - I don’t know and it doesn’t mean anything to me. Tyres are what they are.

What advice would you give to the rookies Nico Rosberg and Scott Speed? - I hope that they are good in giving way.

Do you think that the speed is good at this point? - It doesn’t matter how much behind the others we are at this point. The car will anyway be rebuilt before Australia. Now we just drive around.

Media’s interest in Kimi after the WC? - They have thrown a lot of xxxx on me but I think that I’ll get even more of it now.

Schumacher’s role : - He doesn’t come and tell us drivers anything. And at least I don’t need his advice.

Montoya’s points: - If he believes in it, he can believe. I’m not interested in what happens behind me.

Gossip Media asks how are you prepared for the season? - I usually get to read from your magazines what I have done.

Montoya’s tennis accident: - We don’t call and I’m not interested in what he does.

If the army would be volunteer I wouldn’t go there - Kimi about women in army

Austria 2002: - I haven seen it. I’m not the least bit interested in what Ferrari did.

Raikkönen isn't affected by Alonso's mental games. - I couldn’t care less what that man thinks.

Weather conditions: - It’s all the same if it rains or not.

Season 2006: - It doesn’t interest me yet what is going to happen. You’ll see it then.

An Italian interviewer tries to get Kimi to say something in Italian. - You can talk Italian if you want to.

Ferrari event 2007: - I’m not going to a language school to learn Italian, that’s not what I came to do at Ferrari.

Kimi, what’s the 5th grid place like? - It’s the 5th grid place.

Ferrari party: - Ferrari's own parties are the nicest. There are all the crew and their children. I don't know exactly what I will do there. Maybe I will be Santa. Other parties are official and boring.

Asked to reveal how many pounds or kilograms he shed: - I don’t know. I haven’t got scales. I am happy as long as we are okay with the overall weight, that’s all that matters.

Party at the President’s castle: - I think I will skip the dancing part. Maybe someone else dances with Jenni if she wants.

Party at the President’s castle: - Ah, go and interview Mikko Leppilampi. He likes to talk.
Kimi, what is your feeeling before the race? - It’s allright.

French GP 2002: - xxxx race.

Hungarian GP 2007: - Boring race.

OHO!-magazine number 46/2006: - I read somewhere that I drive with the luck of a drunk.

Opinion of Ron Dennis: - He’s strange now and then. He always wants to know everything. He doesn’t interest me.

My life would be much more easier had I been a f1-driver in the 70’s with the guys. I was definitely born in the wrong ERA.

What makes TAG Heuer special? - It’s ok.

Kimi, you speak a little bit? - Yeah, one two.. three..

What kind of an atmosphere do you think McLaren has right now (the spy saga)? - I bet it’s fucking great.


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