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Kimis adventures at Levi

F1 star who is currently on holidays enjoyed winter.

F1 champ Kimi Räikkönen spend a weekend at Levi (finland) during a slalom world cup. Kimi didnt play hide and seek at his cottage but was attended in VIP event at friday night.

Other quests were for example Suvi Linden( transportation and communicationsminister),Jari Piirainen( ex-skiing association chairman),freestyle olympic winner Janne Lahtela, ex-icehockey coach Erkka Westerlund and few FIS bosses who were very pleased to organization.
Kimi was sitting in corner table with Kalle Palander about two hours.He was dressed very casually with jeans and black cap on his head. Obviously he was on very relaxed mood.


On saturday Kimi watched womens slalom world cup with his friends in Levi Black.After the cup event he stayed at Calsberg restaurant with them. On sunday he was seen in the audience during mens world cup.
He stayed over night a few kilometers away from Levi center.

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KiRai spunea...

Thanks for reporting what Kimi's been doing. So happy to know that he's enjoying his holiday :)