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Kimi and Jenni are made for each other. The couple is sitting side by side during the interview. They have been together already 2,5 years but they still can't take their eyes off each other.
They fell in love at the Miss Scandinavia mode competition where Jenni was crowning the new winner.

Jenni: "We can say that it was love at the first sight. Kimi came there with group of his friends. When they were on their way to the event, guys had joked that there might be waiting the love of his life."

Kimi: "We knew each other already. Of course I've seen photos of Jenni in magazines and she had seen photos of me. We both had some prejudices against each other from the publicity. So I didn't run to talk to her right away. My mates arranged me and her on the same couch during the night and that's how it all started."
Kimi is known as a quiet guy but he did the first move.

Jenni: "I will always remember Kimi's first sentence "You are a wonderful lady". I think it was really sweet. It wasn't so traditional first move." (her eyes are shining of joy)

Prejudices disappeared right away during the night. They both had totally different image of each other than what they really were.

Hotel rooms and foods from the room service have become too familiar to the young couple.

Jenni: "When we lived long times in hotels, I remember how we used to dream of a home of our own where we could cook just normal home food and make our own breakfast. Home food just is home food, the best of all. Now we have that kind of home in Switzerland. Earlier I used to miss Finland much more because we didn't have a place where we could have relaxed and spent our freetime."

Jenni and Kimi live in their house in Switzerland for more than a year now. There are three floors in the house and 400 square meters and also very beautiful view to a lake.

Jenni: "I have wanted to furnish the place with finnish style. You could describe our house, because of its decor, that it's light-coloured scandinavian home. It's very modern but still really cosy."

Some of their time couple spends by doing sports which is their dearest hobby.

Jenni: "We have a gym in downstairs where we go and sweat almost everyday. It's a lot easier to go there than to a public gym."

The big swimming pool in the garden belongs to the modern house as well.

Although Jenni and Kimi's lives have changed heaps, they still have all their old friends in Finland.

Jenni: "Kimi still hangs out with those guys who got us together. We both appreciate our old friends a lot more than before. We can easily share our secrets with them without worrying."

Kimi: "We spend as normal life as other young people in our age do at home. We lie on the couch, watch movies, go shopping and cook. Jenni is the queen of kitchen in our house though."
Jenni: "That's true. Kimi has played his cards right so he doesn't have to be in the kitchen. I remember how he once made mashed potatoes. His generous aim was to surprise me. When he was ready and we started to eat it, I was wondering what on earth he had put there. Kimi hadn't peeled the potatoes in hurry and that's why the food looked so strange. His explanation was that the nourishments are all in the peels."

Kimi's physiotherapist who lives in the neighbourhood has also noticed that Kimi is better at driving than cooking.

Jenni: "Kimi got two chicken cookery books from him. I'm already looking forward to seeing what kind of gourmet meals Kimi will cook now. Chicken is our favourite food anyway."

When the young couple is on holiday in Finland, their every step is followed.

Jenni: "Being celebrity limits our life here in Finland. Kimi is Finland's own boy and a lot more popular here than in Switzerland. No one is interested what we do there. Tina Turner lives in our neighbourhood and she can easily go out without her wig and no one cares about that.

(to be continued)

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